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LIEBIG® Ultraplus

The LIEBIG Ultraplus brand is the most prestigious of all ultra-high performance undercut anchors worldwide.

  • When it comes to load performance in both tension and shear, Ultraplus allows you to go much higher than other types of competitive undercut anchors. This is why Ultraplus has become the undercut anchor of choice in many the safety critical industries like Power, Nuclear and water treatment
  • The unique modular design of the anchor means that bespoke lengths are easily produced and for the complete range of diameters, which extend from M12 to M36.
  • Liebig Ultraplus is the only true undercut anchor which utilises reverse keying technology and the only undercut anchor to offer true ultra-high load capacity.
  • Hex Nut.
  • Thread size M12 to M36.
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Liebig Ultraplus ZP

Full Specifications


  • Anchoring of Steel Structures and Baseplates in Nuclear Power, Oil, Gas and Water Treatment.
  • Heavy Structural Applications.


  • ETA Approved for Cracked and Non Cracked concrete
  • Hex Nut
  • Thread Size M12-M36


Technical Data

Orderidentifier Article Number
Ultraplus M16-30/220/30 9650220030
Ultraplus M20-36/250/50 9650250050
Ultraplus M24-45/280/60 9650280060
Ultraplus M36-67/420/100 9650420100

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