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LIEBIG® Safety Bolt SK A4

Legendary twin-cone heavy duty anchor for hi-power performance

  • Torque-controlled twin-cone heavy duty anchor for push-through installations.
  • Suitable for heavy loads due to optimal friction resistance.
  • Cylindrical, wide expansion of sleeve over entire length.
  • A4 for indoor, outdoor and industrial use.
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LIEBIG® Safety Bolt SK A4

Full Specifications


Fixing of Steel Baseplates, Balustrade, Medical Equipment


  • High performance double cone expansion anchor
  • Countersunk head
  • Size range M8 to M12


Technical Data

Orderidentifier Article Number Clamp thickness mm Drill diameter mm
LIEBIG® Safety Bolt SK M6-10/45/15 A4 9650045515 15.0 10.0
LIEBIG® Safety Bolt SK M12-20/80/15 A4 9650080515 15.0 20.0
LIEBIG® Safety Bolt SK M12-20/80/40 A4 9650080540 40.0 20.0
LIEBIG® Safety Bolt SK M8-12/55/15 A4 9652055515 15.0 12.0
LIEBIG® Safety Bolt SK M8-12/55/40 A4 9652055540 40.0 12.0
LIEBIG® Safety Bolt SK M10-15/70/15 A4 9655070515 15.0 15.0
LIEBIG® Safety Bolt SK M10-15/70/40 A4 9655070540 40.0 15.0

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